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Discover PELVIC

Main Features

Enjoystitch Pelvic is an integrated portable simulator with an e-training dedicated platform it offers endoscopic surgeons the possibility to carry out professional training in a simple and fun way.
Enjoystitch Pelvic has special interchangeable accessories which can replicate infinite exercises with different levels of difficulty.

Enjoystitch Pelvic is the only portable simulator in the world that satisfies the 10 requirements of the FLS international standard.

1. Triangulation

efficient management of the three- dimensional space thanks to the particular positioning of the access points.

2. Resistance
& resilience

a smooth movement that allows you to perform exercises easily and accurately.

3. Stereotaxy
& haptic feedback

development of motor coordination in a three-dimensional environment while watching a two-dimensional video with the advantage of receiving a haptic feedback that makes it possible to have the best management of depth.

4. Ergonomics

reduction of the stress on joints thanks to the correct posture of the body.

5. Fulcrum

optimal control of forces and levers during the exercises thanks to the neutral fulcrum of the instrument.

6. Vision

realistic reproduction of what you would see in the real operating theatre.

7. Exercise

A learning covering the subject at 360° with infinite possibilities to add to your own exercises and those of others.

8. Hi-tech

it is compatible with cable or wifi connection to smartphone, tablet or computer.

9. E-Training

A non-stop learning process thanks to our dedicated platform of online training.

10. Design & Portability

The design combines functionality and pleasing appearance. Enjoystitch has been designed in such a way as to make it possible to change from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional view, and it is also easily transportable.