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The Enjoystitch TOS KIT consists of 1 laryngoscope and 10 silicone models for exercises.


TOS simulator is conceived for transoral surgery training, focused on mini-invasive laryngeal procedures.

Correct ergonomics

The position with a proper chair and articulated arm supports, allows the surgeons to assume a neutral and ergonomicall posture. Consequently, it will reduce occupationally related musculoskeletal fatigue and pain, and may improve microsurgical motor control.

Real experience

Adequate glottic and sovraglottic exposures are completely comparable, allowing
a realistic reproduction of the surgical field visualization.

Stereotassis and aptic feedback

Development of motor coordination with dedicated instrumentations offering the advantage of achieving a haptic feedback and the best feeling
of depth.


Improvement of dexterity with dedicated instruments such as to that needed in real surgical procedures.

Real Vision

Realistic reproduction of what you would see in the real operating theatre.

Infinite Exercises

360° learning with infinite possibilities of own and third party

Hi-Tech solution

it is compatible with cable or wifi connection to smartphone, tablet or computer.

E-training platform

A non-stop learning process thanks to our dedicated platform of online training.

Design and portability

The design combines functionality and pleasing appearance. Enjoystitch has been designed in such a way as to make it possible to change from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional view, and it is also easily transportable.